Office Opening Policies and Precautions

To All of Dr. Bednar’s Patients:

We have missed seeing you and are excited to start injectable and limited skin care treatments beginning the week of May 11th. 

With everything that has happened in the world in regards to COVID-19, our office has made adjustments to comply with guidelines set in place by the CDC. You may notice from the get go some office policy adjustments, so let us walk you through what it will look like.

When you arrive, the door will likely be locked, ring the doorbell and we will meet you at the front with a thermometer in hand to take your temperature prior to coming into the office. You will also receive a Covid-19 consent form and questionnaire prior to an injectable or skin care treatment.  If you need numbing crème, we will provide you with a bag containing all the numbing accessories.  Please go to your car and apply the numbing crème there.  We will then call your cell phone after 20-30 min of numbing to come into the office.  Only patients receiving a treatment are allowed entry. 

**We do ask for you to please bring a mask, this is to protect you and the people you come in contact with.  We cannot provide masks as supply is very limited.  Patients showing up without a mask, must reschedule **

 We understand this is an adjustment for all of us as we try and pick up where we left off back in March as our “new normal”.  We thank you for being flexible and helping us keep our office a safe and healthy environment!

Dr. Bednar will continue to be available for Telemedicine consultation. To schedule a Telemedicine consultation please call 704-366-6700 or email to and our patient concierge will assist you in scheduling your appointment.

Please feel free to contact a staff member at 704-366-6700 for any questions.

Stay healthy,

Dr. Bednar and Staff