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Laser Treatments in Charlotte, NC

Laser Treatments in Charlotte, NC

Laser Treatments in Charlotte, NC

Laser treatments are among the most versatile treatment options available for addressing skin concerns. Using customizable laser devices, laser treatments can improve a range of cosmetic concerns and enhance skin health. Bednar Cosmetic Surgery offers laser treatments to the men and women living in Mint Hill, Wesley Chapel and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

What are Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments use light energy to rejuvenate the skin and address a range of cosmetic concerns. Laser treatments use advanced devices that can be customized for specific skin types, skin concerns and more. They can deliver laser energy directly to the skin’s surface, or beneath the skin’s surface to target deeper skin tissue and stimulate deeper rejuvenation. Ultimately, laser treatments are highly versatile and serve as an appropriate treatment solution for a range of skin concerns. At Bednar Cosmetic Surgery, we offer the following laser treatments:

  • Laser hair removal
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments are popular solutions for rejuvenating the skin without surgery. They are effective for brightening the skin, enhancing skin texture and diminishing signs of aging.  Additionally, when used for hair removal, laser treatments are one of the only treatment options that can deliver complete and long-lasting hair removal. Laser treatments generally offer the following benefits: 

  • Customizable for varying skin types
  • Stimulate collagen production for natural rejuvenation benefits
  • Non-invasive
  • Suitable for many skin concerns

How Much Do Laser Treatments Cost in Charlotte, NC?

The cost of laser treatments can vary depending on the extent of treatment needed to satisfy a patient’s cosmetic goals. At Bednar Cosmetic Surgery, we encourage patients to come in for a cosmetic consultation so that we can discuss their goals and develop a personalized treatment plan. Then, we are able to provide the exact costs associated with laser treatments. Be sure to check our specials as we may be offering limited-time deals for this or other treatments.

What is the Laser Treatment Like?

The laser treatment experience will vary depending on the type of treatment performed. Generally, treatment involves using a handheld device to deliver laser energy to the desired treatment area. This can be an uncomfortable process, as patients often describe the pulses of laser energy to feel like snaps from a rubber band. However, many patients tolerate the treatment well, and the discomfort only lasts during the treatment process. The length of treatment will depend on the size and number of areas being treated, but is typically about one hour.

Do Laser Treatments Have Side Effects?

Laser treatments commonly cause some irritation in the skin that can persist for a few days after treatment. Patients can expect some redness and sensitivity in the skin, similar to the symptoms of a sunburn. While these side effects are minor and subside within a few days, patients are advised to limit sun exposure and take extra care to protect the skin while it heals.

What Do Laser Treatment Results Look Like?

The results from laser treatment will vary depending on the treatment performed. Typically, laser treatments require multiple treatment sessions for best results. Laser treatments stimulate collagen production in the skin tissue, which creates gradual results over time. For this reason, patients may not notice results immediately, and should instead expect results within a few months of treatment.

To learn more about the laser treatments available at Bednar Cosmetic Surgery or determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment, contact us. We’ll help you schedule your consultation and answer any questions you may have about treatment. Led by Edward J. Bednar, MD, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Bednar Cosmetic Surgery serves both women and men from Charlotte and the surrounding communities including Gastonia, Wesley Chapel and Mint Hill.