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Breast Augmentation with Fat Cell Transfer 6 Year Case Study in Charlotte, NC

The patient below originally had traditional breast augmentation with silicone implants in Dec. 2006. This patient underwent a simutaneous breast augmentation and lifting procedure (Periareolar Lift) to increase the size of the breasts while tightenting the skin and elevating the areola. With this type of skin tightening procedure, all of the scars are located around the edge of the areola where they are less visible than on the breast mound itself .


Before Breast Augmentation

1 week post-op, breast implant and periareolar lift.

In 2011 she returned to have the implants removed and have fat cell breast augmentation.

2011, 1 week post-op liposuction and fat transfer.

One year post-op the patient maintained good volume and natural shape.

1 year post-op fat transfer – 2012

Three years post fat cell transfer the patients size and shape are unchanged.

4 year post-op fat transfer – 2015